Keynote Topics

Improv Is No Joke: Using Improvisation to Create Positive Results in Leadership and In Life

Drew Carey’s television show Whose Line Is It Anyways? has turned improvisational comedy into a pop culture phenomenon. But Peter Margaritis knows firsthand that improv is more than just laughs—it’s a valuable training tool that can make anyone a more effective business professional. It’s not slapstick—improvisation is a way of life. It’s going with the flow, adapting, and adjusting to the unexpected and to your audience.

As an author, speaker, educator, humorist, and the founder and self-proclaimed chief “edutainment” officer of his own company, The Accidental Accountant, Peter will share with you how two little words changed his life and can infinitely improve your business’s success. He will also show you to really listen to your clients to build rapport, trust, and loyalty.

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Leveraging Leadership Through Improvisation

In today’s business climate, successful leaders need the ability to communicate their vision and their ideas, along with having the ability to adapt to the changing business landscape and work within an arena of uncertainty, all the while, moving forward. Successful leaders posses these qualities: respect, trust, support, listen, focus, adapt and have a YES AND attitude.

These are the same qualities that successful improvisers possess. Successful leaders and improvisers can think-on-their-feet, process information quickly, make their teammates look good, see different perspectives, be creative and innovative, and make significant connections for the good of the team.

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Embrace Your Inner Superhero

superhero210x160Leadership demands many different skills and traits such as communication, listening, accountability, inspiration, creativity, passion, focus, and leading by example. As leaders, we must bring our superhero to work with us everyday in order to achieve our goals. What happens if your inner superhero takes a week off – or even a day? How productive and profitable are you and your team? How does this affect your personal time or family life?

By using the principles of improvisational comedy, I will demonstrate how you can unleash your inner superhero on a daily basis and maintain high energy and productivity at work and at home.

The typical audience for this keynote includes accounting practitioners, auditors, analysts, firm administrators, and finance professionals.

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