Accounting Courses for CPAs

Proposed Accounting for Leases and Revenue Recognition: What it means to your firm/company

(1 – 8hrs):

What is the status of the lease accounting and revenue recognition accounting proposal, and how will it potentially affect your work? Peter Margaritis, CPA, CGMA will discuss each proposal in-depth, followed by an interactive discussion on the impact it will have on your organization. This course will you case studies to demonstrate these new requirements.

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US GAAP Update: (1 – 8hrs):

With so many new pronouncements, how can you cut to what you need to know to stay in compliance and keep your company out of trouble? Peter Margaritis, CPA, CGMA will provide an overview of the current state of the accounting profession and the major issues and challenges it faces today. You will leave the course with a better understanding on FASB’s projects on financial instruments, comprehensive income, consolidation, revenue recognition and lease accounting as well as their current pronouncements.

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International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): What You Need to Know (1 – 8hrs)

Peter Margaritis, CPA, CGMA will explain a majority of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In addition, IFRS prepared financial statements will be analyzed and standards explained as it relates to overall financial statement presentation, accounting treatment for assets, liabilities, revenue and expense recognition, business combinations, consolidations, first time adoption and more. Case studies will be used in this course. The session will conclude with a discussion concerning IFRS for Small to Medium Size Entities (SME’s).

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Advanced IFRS Update (1 – 8hrs)

Peter Margaritis, CPA, CGMA will focus on the new IFRS standards and amendments to current IAS standards that will become effective beginning in 2013 and beyond. An update on the status of the SEC decision and the remaining convergence projects will be provided.

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Private Company Accounting – You Have Choices (1 – 8hrs)

Remember when US. GAAP was the only game in town. Not any more because privately held entities have a choice between US GAAP, IFRS for SME’s, Private Company Council issuing differential accounting, and the AICPA Financial ReportingPlatform. Which one is right for you?

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