S6E10: Commencement: The Beginning of a New Era in Higher Education with Kate Colbert

“The mistake that people in higher education make is operating from the Eras passed rather than the Era that we currently live in.” Kate Colbert

Our guest today is Kate Colbert, a former higher-education insider, and current world-renowned marketing expert who develops college-and-university brand stories that are meaningful to the prospective student and measurable on the institutional balance sheet. She has overseen brand and enrollment marketing, public relations, and alum relations at two Chicago-area graduate schools. Kate has additional expertise in corporate education, university crisis management, and faculty relations. She is a six-time recipient of CASE District V’s annual awards for excellence in marketing and communications.

Today she is here to speak about her new book: Commencement: The Beginning of a New Era in Higher Education. Higher education’s future and our role in making it happen. She gives her perspective on where we are going and the changes institutions must make to make them more competitive in the changing times.

Kate is keen on giving the best experience to learners and giving them skills not only just for the sake of getting a certificate but enhancing and giving them skills that are not found redundant with the world going into automation and more technology. The idea from her book is getting micro-credentials that give you valuable skills no matter the changes being seen.

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