S5E4: What Does Your Body Language Say to Others

Leaders need to remember that all eyes are on them at all times. They are being watched for how they manage pressure and conflict. Leadership in action is setting the fear, panic, negative and reactive emotions aside at the moment and responding with calm and confidence.

When an organization hires you, you become part of that brand. In and out of the office, your actions, words, behavior, and attitude are seen, experienced, and judged by those who follow you. Also, note that your followers can make or break you.

At any gathering, it is an opportunity to network, meet people and create new opportunities and possibilities with other people. But, unfortunately, when we forget this, we send out negative emotions and attitudes, seen from our body language. Body language is a powerful thing both negatively and positively, and it speaks loudly to everyone in the room.

As leaders, it is part of our responsibility to recognize negative attitudes and behaviors and coach the person to do better. Our job is to address these issues and provide suggestions and feedback for improvement.

According to a report by personal power information, the silent signals you portray may be harming your business without even knowing it. Poor body language can damage your business relationships by sending signals that you’re not as trustworthy as you claim to be.

Before walking into a meeting in a client’s office or the cafeteria at work, thinking about your body language and how you can emote a positive vibe versus igniter one is up to you and the impact you want to make.