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Heres' How! Get The Audience Listening To you and Stop Reading Their Email

At this point in your career how many dull, pointless, uninspired presentations have you sat through? There are six tips that I know can help you get, and keep, your audience engaged. Download the article here.

Six Tips On Getting Past Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty, and your mouth is as dry as the Mojave Desert. You are experiencing glossophobia: the fear of public speaking. Download the article here.

The Project Has Gone Awry

Three tips to keeping your project on track: Scope, timing and communication. Download the article here.

What Again! Three Key Tips On Embracing Change

Most people, especially accountants, like consistency, predictability, and stability in their lives, which is the exact opposite of what occurs when change enters the equation. When change happens, people tend to fear the unknown, try to defend the status-quo, and protect their self-interests. Simultaneously, stress levels increase, and resistance begins to build. Download and read the article here.

Financial Storytelling: Keeping Your Audience Awake

Let's face the Facts! When you present financial data to an audience, it's boring. Remember the scene from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" when Ben Stein is lecturing his history class and says "anyone" about ten times? Remember the looks on the student's face? Are you getting the same looks? I know you are! Download the article here.

3 Critical Areas of Personal Well-Being During Busy Season

Busy season is coming, and most of us aren't excited about it. The long hours and stressful deadlines take a toll on every aspect of your life. However, there's a principle that I believe can help you as we approach January: preparation.  Download the article here.

Communication Will Matter This Season

Communication. Communication. Communication. It is the KEY to success in life, in every aspect in life, and yet we all struggle with it in varying degrees. Download the article here.

Manage Your Busy Season With A Dose Of Humor

There is great power in being able to leverage comedy, laughter, and improv. The principles of improvisation have been a literal life saver for me in dealing with extremely stressful situations throughout my life. Download the article here.

Manage Stess With These 6 Improv Principles

Stress is a part of our everyday lives – it can come from so many sources, some are the result of the daily frustrations of life including our jobs, others from unexpected challenges such as major health issues. This article can be downloaded here.

Improv Leadership

Improv Leadership: Individuals need in a leader, they need a unifier and someone who believes in each individual contribution. This article can be downloaded here.

The Potential of Millenials

The Potential Of Millenials: Use improv to bridge the generational gap and maximize results. This article can be downloaded here.

Dealing With The Peanut Gallery


Jerry Seinfeld has done a standup routine where he joked that people’s number one fear is public speaking. Their number two fear is death. To download the article click here.

Which Seinfeld Character Are You

In our business dealings, we are often guilty of just not listening. We come to the table with an agenda—a new product, a new service—and wait while a prospect or existing client tells us what’s going on with his or her business. To download the article click here.

Taking an Innovative Approach to Communication

Taking an Innovative Approach to Communication in the Corporate World. Download this article here.

Successful Negotiating in Corporate America

Successful Negotiating In Corporate America: 6 principles of improv that take negotiations to new and successful levels. Click here to download this article.

Leveraging Leadership to Build the Best Team

Build The Best Team: 4 ways improv helps you attract the best & brightest. To download this article click here.

Improvisation is the Fulcrum to Leveraging Your Greatest Asset

Improv Is The Fulcrum: Leverage your greatest asset with improv to create positive results. To download this article click here.

Improv Your Way to Success

Improv Your Way To Success: 5 simple tips to overcome the barriers to meaningful conversations. Click here to download.

Principles of Improvisation

Principles Of Improvisation: Building leadership skills through support, trust & respect. Download this article here.

Cultivating Creativity

All ideas are important ideas. It's important it is for us to understand and realize that we are all naturally creative - we’re not divided up into “creatives” and “non-creatives.” To download the article click here.