Virtual Workshop

Leadership in Hyperdrive: Powered by Improv™

An improv workshop designed specifically for the business professional, and designed to help you laugh and learn.

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned improvisor or have never taken an improv class! All the improv exercises and activities in this interactive workshop are debriefed in a business mindset versus a theatrical one.

A six-week virtual improv class where you’ll learn to

  • Embrace the meaning of “Yes! And” to move a conversation forward in a positive direction.
  • Become a better listener by “listening to understand” versus “Listening to respond.”
  • Improve your ability to brainstorm ideas and solve problems by understanding the difference between cognitive and divergent thinking.
  • Develop skills to adapt to any situation.

“This workshop was a game changer! Peter has an amazing way of bringing the power of Improv into a professional business setting that is fun, incredibly educational, and creates a positive impact, clarity, and influence in driving success both personally and professionally.”

— Roxanne Kaufman Elliot,
President & CEO, ProLaureate Ltd.

Workshop Syllabus

Week One: Introduction to Improv
The ability to describe the principles of improv as a leadership strategy

Week Two: Listening & Focus
Contrast “listening to understand” and “listening to respond”

Week Three: Adapting
Aligning the principles of improv so you can adapt to any given situation

Week Four: Teambuilding
Using improv to build stronger teams

Week Five: Presentation Skills
Using improv to strengthen your presentation and public speaking skills

Week Six: Storytelling
Using improv to strengthen your storytelling skills and engage others

The Fall 2021 Virtual Workshop dates are:

October 6, 13, 20, 27, November 3 & 10

Class Investment: $350 per person for all 6 sessions

Each attendee will receive a signed copy of my new book Off Script: Mastering the Art of Business Improvisation.


This workshop is limited to 10 attendees, and fills quickly. All sessions will be recorded. If you do miss a session, you will be able to review it later.