There’s Work To Networking

There a many articles and posts out there about the best ways to network, and all of them have some good ideas. This article offers 10 important networking tips:

• Be Helpful    • Build a Reputation    • Be Visible
• Meet lots of People    • Be Intentional
• Think Long-Term     • Get Rejected
• Listen    • Ask     • Follow Up

All good tips, and all will help you build a stronger network.  Often I hear complaints that networking just doesn’t work. But when I go through this list of best practices I learn that the person has barely scratched the surface of connecting with people. Without effort you cannot successfully expand your network.

In addition to this list I suggest one more very important component:

Be Authentic.

Don’t pretend to be someone or something you aren’t. If you need help, ask. If you can offer help, do it.  Go to events, introduce yourself, ask questions. Then follow up with an email, a note or phone call. There is, after all, “work” in networking!