Plan to Keep Your Job

As with most good things, keeping a job you like takes planning. The economy is growing and the job outlook for accountants looks strong for 2015. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should assume your job is secure. As you evaluate your current job and plan your career, you may want to keep these thoughts in mind:

• Develop a Plan – Don’t wait for your annual review to tell you the direction your career is heading. Pay attention to all the levels within your own company…network internally to learn more about the what opportunities exist. Then set goals for yourself and a game plan to achieve those goals.

• Grow Your Skills – Pay attention to growing professional competency and interpersonal skills. How you work with others, your ability to present in front of groups and the manner in which you represent your firm all enhance your value to the company.

• Manage Up – Develop a relationship with your boss and firm partners. Let them know that you are committed to your clients and the firm, and that you want a career not just a job. If that isn’t how you feel about your current position, maybe it’s time to reconsider where you work.

Each of us owns our own career, so take charge of your future!