Public Speaking Skills: Step 5 – The Assessment

applauseYou did it – you presented to a group and they loved you! Take a few minutes to feel good about your accomplishment…you deserve it.

Now it’s time to review your performance, make notes for improvement and do re-design as needed. If your presentation was recorded, play it back a few times to look for what you did very well and what you can improve.

Most meeting organizer receive feedback or evaluations from the participants, so be sure to ask for that. If you know anyone from the audience, let them know that their constructive criticism would be very helpful. Ask for details: what were the take-aways they valued, what specifically did they not like, was the material too advanced or not advanced enough, was there something they expected to learn that wasn’t offered, what were the best moments. Use all the feedback and evaluations to improve the content and your abilities as a speaker.

If you would like to continue growing as a speaker, consider some other training opportunities. For instance, you could join Toastmasters International, an organization with many local chapters. Or ask to be considered for other speaking and presentation opportunities at work.

I hope that these 5 Steps help you. Remember, it’s not about just this one presentation; it’s about the journey you take as a communicator, a subject expert and an Edutainer!