“What’s The Matter With Kids Today?

Children with communication devices in business clothingThere isn’t a generation of middle-aged adults who have not wondered what the heck is the matter with these kids today. Whatever the complaint, it always comes down to one thing: they aren’t like us. True. So why is that a problem?

Today’s Millennials are bright, educated, energetic and technically savvy.  They manage the details of projects using tools that some partners and colleagues have never tried. However, for all their strengths, they often lack the soft skills needed to fit into many organizations.

Many are not good communicators – they seem aloof or brash or unprofessional. Sometimes they seem immature, fixated on cell phones, tablets and devices rather than people. They lack the soft skills necessary to succeed in most business environments.

So what can you do?  Bring soft skills training into your firm today. Not as a one-off workshop but as part of a strategy to strengthen skills for all associates. Mentoring new talent has always been the role of seasoned partners. It’s true that millennials may need stronger communication and presentation skills than previous generations. But there has always been something the matter with these kids today!

Differentiate your firm from the competition – embrace the many advantages of working with millennials and welcome the opportunity to help them grow and succeed.