Will Their First Day Be Their Last?

Worried Businessman Looking At Binders On DeskNewly hired accountants can be a bit overwhelmed on their first day with a firm, especially if it is their first day as a professional accountant. There is so much structure: sit here, do this, use our lingo, and work until we say to stop. Maybe you don’t mean it to seem so…rigid. Maybe you want to create a lighter environment. Are you succeeding?

I found this blog post that gives an honest accounting of what new accountants experience. This blogger works in a firm that values communication and interaction with fellow staff members and clients, so he is adjusting to the work and the environment. What I found most interesting were his final remarks:

“As far as I’m concerned, it would actually be quite difficult to be an introverted auditor seeing as how communication with not only the client but your team is crucial.”