Short, Sweet & To the Point

images 4.16.36 PMHow does your firm handle internal communication? If you currently use or are thinking of using conference calls, maybe it’s time to reconsider.

One idea out there is to take a Twitter-like approach to calls and meetings – keep it short, to the point and relevent. 140 characters may not work but these ideas might help:

  • Always have an agenda and keep to it
  • Set ground rules for asking questions, changing topics, adding comments
  • Ask participants to prepare in advance on specific topics
  • Stay on task and on time – most meetings meet their expiration at 1 hour

Maybe the best advise is to reconsider having that meeting or conference call. If the meeting doesn’t solve a problem or improve a situation, why have it at all?

There’s a good article on this topic, “Why Conference Calls Should be More Like Twitter” from the Incidental Economist. Maybe short and sweet could work for you. Take a quick read and see if it doesn’t influence how you manage conference calls and group communication.