The Power of Productive Brainstorming

brainstormingCreativity is the foundation of innovation. I look at creativity as the generation of ideas, the more ideas the better. In creativity workshops, I explain that we should not worry that an idea might be bad, because in most cases it will lead to a better idea. Regular brainstorming sessions will have a profound effect on your productivity and bottom line. It requires putting ourselves out there, but the value of collaboration and communication can propel your business relationships forward.

A Competitive Advantage

In an industry that has changed relatively little over time, it’s important to differentiate yourself from others in your role. The advantage is that few others are even considering how to move the industry forward. The key is in relationship building. Focusing on effective communication and client relationships is a clear way to provide value above and beyond your job function and regular brainstorming sessions will help drive that initiative forward.

Silence the Inner Critic

For creativity to surface, we need to silence that inner critic. You don’t feel particularly creative when you hear the critic harping about your stupid ideas. It’s important when brainstorming to let all ideas rise. You can narrow them down later. At this stage, don’t poison the pool of creativity. Kill the inner critic inside your head and set rules to prevent other team members’ inner critics from squelching the creative juices. You have heard it said there is no such thing as a bad idea. Even if someone might assign an idea in the ‘bad’ category, bad ideas lead to good ideas, no ideas lead to nothing.

Everyone should be allowed and encouraged to participate. The more input the better. Using the “Yes, and” concept can turn awkward input into positive results. Every idea has a gem inside of it.

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