S3E11. Leaving a Legacy You Are Proud Of with Ruben Minor

Do you want to inspire friends, family, and strangers for the greater good? What impact are you making on your community? How do you rise when you fail? How do you deal with change in an uncertain environment? How do you fill your time when there is no demand on your time? And do you know your personal why?

These questions and more will be discussed by Ruben Minor, the president of RAM Enterprises, an organization that focuses on speaking, training, and coaching individuals and groups regarding leadership, team dynamics, relationship building, fundamental business properties, discovering your personal why, and business and personal branding.

When you are doing what you are born to do, before the a-ha moment comes, you will look back and realize you had already been doing some of those things. Ruben was always the person who inspires others and lights up the room when he comes in. It wasn’t until his father passed away that he realized how important legacy is.

We have been knocked down hard lately. We may never return to the life that we have had pre-coronavirus, and we haven’t had time to grieve. But we’ve also been thrown into a world that we’re trying to adapt to.

How do we take where we are today, relish this moment, and make sure that we are changed for the better when this is all over? For one, you have to realize that things are going to be different. Don’t expect the world to go back to the way it was. There will be some things that return to a sense of normal, but our mindset — what we think and how we think about our life and the comforts that we fight for — is being challenged. 

So now what? It starts with changing your mindset.


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