S3E34. Finding Your Intrinsic Value with Jeff Koziatek

Do you have value issues in your professional and personal lives? Do you derive your value from what you do? Do you say yes to everything?

Jeff Koziatek is a nationally recognized speaker, certified life coach, author, award-winning entertainer, and mindset catalyst who wants to help people address the above questions in their lives. After 20 years of work in the entertainment industry producing award-winning films, running an event management company, and acting in movies and television, Jeff started Core Authenticity to help people dream big and achieve those dreams. He believes in the inherent value of each person and he’s passionate about helping people find significance in who they are.

As Jeff worked through his own issues around value, he realized that he was not the only person in the industry who was struggling with issues around their own value. He figured he could either do something about it or stay in his lane of entertainment—and he decided to do both.

As a kid, he picked up two core messages: Find something you love and make that your job, and your value comes from what you do. The first one was very helpful. The second led to him becoming a serious workaholic, and saying “yes” to way too much.

After spending four years trying to find focus and being unable to say “no,” he was on a radio interview and, between takes, mentioned his focus problem. The interviewer said he could help him with his focus in an hour. It took two hours, actually, but at the end of that meeting, Jeff walked away with a very clear compass of who he was as a human being; he was starting to realize his intrinsic value.

From there, Jeff began speaking on how our intrinsic value affects our ability to lead others, to communicate, to use grit, and more. He liked helping people through speaking, but he wanted to do more. He ended up getting certified in life and leadership coaching to walk alongside people as their mindset coach to help equip them with the tools to find their next steps.

You can have clarity of action towards your next step with three keys: Understanding your compass, your mindset, and your team. Your compass is divided into four pieces:

  1. Understanding your identity
  2. Understanding what you value
  3. Understanding what your purpose is
  4. Understanding your worth

Once you’ve defined your compass, it will tell you what true north is in any situation. This helps relieve so much anxiety from any situation because you know what choices you need to make.

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