S4E25. Living a Life of Adventure with Terri Lechton

Have you ever challenged yourself to leave your comfort zone and try something new or different? 

Terri Lechton is a speaker, writer, and educator who believes that everyone can live a life of adventure, no matter what their age, ability, or financial situation. As an asthmatic, non-athletic, and only just artistically proficient individual, she has pushed herself to complete a half-marathon in Antarctica, swing through obstacle courses, learn foreign languages, try stand-up comedy, earn a doctorate degree in management, and discover that impressionism is the only style that she can paint.

As a speaker, she blends storytelling, humor, and practical tips to help others create a plan to stretch and achieve their personal and career dreams. Her next challenge: write her first book.

Terri always had the goal of visiting all 50 US states. After she did it, she joked that she might as well try and visit all seven continents. But you can’t just visit Antarctica. There is, however, a half-marathon held there, so she decided to go for it.

When she’s coaching entrepreneurs, Terri tells her story of growing up in a poor part of Chicago. Back then, her wildest aspirations were to travel eight blocks either side from her house. But, then, she started to imagine going further and the rest is history. She turned a huge goal – visiting all seven continents – into a series of small, attainable steps. Anyone can apply this to any goal.

If you consider yourself averse to risks, look at the advantages risk-taking can bring. Failure is a possibility, but there’s usually more to be gained than there is to be lost. Just break each risk down into small increments and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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