S5E41: Scripted For Safety – Letting Go of Negativity and Dismissal (Part 1)

 “We learn when we make mistakes. Failure is good.” Peter Margaritis

In today’s episode, Peter Margaritis talks about scripting your mind and body and letting go of negative energy and dismissal. This is not only from others but also from yourself. As an Improv Leader, it’s easy to be in class but afraid to improvise. Sometimes it’s easier to beat ourselves up and focus on the negative energy and thoughts and term yourself as a failure.

Instead, Peter reflects on why we do not bring up the apparent ad. In so doing, you are better off storing the memory for future use and engagements. Going off script may seem unnatural, but this is where courage is most needed, and you learn, in the art of business, improvisation requires you to take time and be intentional.