S4E15. The Difference Between Significance & Success, with Lauren Schieffer

What is your definition of success? What is your definition of significance? And what’s the difference between the two?

Lauren “The Colonel’s Daughter” Schieffer is returning to the show to answer these questions and more. In S4E7, she talked about choosing respect over drama. You can read all about her background here

Most people are programmed to chase success. It’s outwardly focused, with the weighty titles, flashy accomplishments, accolades, and parking spaces. Significance is inwardly focused. It’s about being of service, first, and has nothing to do with how much power or money a person has. True leaders, significant leaders, build people up to be the next generation of significant leaders.

The generic efficiency-focused, profit-motivated leadership of the 20th and early 21st century is what has led us to the situation we’re in today, a raging pandemic, a weakened economy, and one of the most divisive political environments in modern history. 

Productivity, profits, accumulation of wealth, and market share are not inherently bad on their own. But, when they become the sole focus over the wellbeing of the employee base and the community that they serve, the model becomes destructive.

There are nine essentials of significant leadership:

  1. Understand your own value
  2. Treat all people with respect
  3. Act with integrity at all times
  4. Open your mind to new possibilities
  5. Craft a vision
  6. Communicate respectfully
  7. Lead by example
  8. Celebrate the results of others first
  9. Work for your replacement

Lauren’s father, the Colonel, always said, “There’s no reason to be nervous when your heart is in service.” If we all try and focus on being in service every day, on following the nine essentials of significant leadership, we can raise the significance of our presence and impact on the world and people around us. Which do you aspire to, success or significance?

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