S3E27. Inspiration, Motivation, & Creativity: The Improv Mindset

What challenges do you have in building your team? Is your team focused solely on completing tasks? Is the group cohesive together and work together as a well-oiled machine?

The landscape of business as we know it continues to change rapidly. What worked today may not work tomorrow, and almost certainly won’t ten years from now. Having the best team to accomplish the fast-paced demands of marketing, productivity, and customer service requires leaders that attract and embody more than just the technical and operational mindset.

What’s needed is inspiration, motivation, and creativity. Enter: The improvisation mindset.

The elements of improv give your leadership the power to engage at levels beyond what you could have imagined and amplify your reach and impact to attract the best and the brightest to your team.

During an improv skit, the performers develop what’s known as the group mindset. When this happens, the performance becomes energetic, fun, and productive. The same concept is at work behind interpersonal communications on the job. A group mindset is achieved through inspiration by introducing new ideas to the scene.

Shift the focus from tasks to creating the group mindset needed to achieve your vision, using the principles of improvisation. Listen to your team. If you don’t have a clear vision for everyone on the team, you’re going to need one.

The best teams come from leveraging leadership in a way that creatively confronts conflict and leverages improvisation techniques to unlock the gems in every idea. The greater you develop your leadership, the greater your team will become.