S6E16: How to Future Proof Your Accounting Career with Bill Sheridan

“Accounting is not just about money, it’s about what I do to make other people’s lives better.” Bill Sheridan

Bill Sheridan is a knowledge hunter, content curator, and lifelong learner. As chief communications officer for the Maryland Association of CPAs, he created and co-authors the association’s acclaimed blog, CPA Success; produces the MACPA’s “CPA Spotlight” podcast; and manages the association’s member communications and numerous social networks. Bill regularly speaks at national conferences on the future of the accounting and finance profession, the strategic uses of social media, and the evolution of communication, collaboration, and education. He delivers frequent presentations on behalf of the Business Learning Institute and is a certified Insights to Action strategic facilitator. He is inspired by and in awe of his wife, Alison, and their daughter, Molly. They live in St. Louis, Mo.

As accountants in an ever-changing world, we need to know the facts, but the one thing we need in order to remain relevant is to learn people skills and go beyond what we know to who we are working for and with. Building better relationships and anticipation of changes that happen with people.

Knowing where we are in the technological scene, sooner or later, we will be using it to crunch numbers in the accounting scene. As accountants, we will have to develop necessary skills that machines cannot duplicate and do, making us relevant in changing times.

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