S6E7: Crystalizing your Brilliance with Theresa Rose

“We are strategic co-creators; that is the magic of crystallization when someone sees the brilliance in you, writes it down, and shares it with you” Theresa Rose.

Our guest today is Theresa Rose, with 20+ Years of consulting, marketing, and business management experience, drives Theresa’s strategic thinking, creativity, and sound foundational frameworks. Her career has included senior management roles in marketing and product development for a Fortune 100 company and high-growth startups. In addition, as a former Community Builder and Head of Thought Leadership for an executive network, Theresa has seen the challenges of growing a thriving business based on personal intellectual property and how to amplify it for maximum income and impact strategically.

Theresa Rose brings a wealth of wisdom on the power of strategic marketing. A business grows when finding solutions to the world’s problems by finding passion in your own life that motivates you to bring your best.

Each of us can create a memorable picture model of who we are from 3-5 words that we can come up with from so much verbiage that can give us a more transparent and more precise goal of what we want and how we can succeed with this in mind. This gives you a comprehension of the actions you must focus on to achieve your goal.

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