S4E5. Illuminating Women’s Financial Wellness with Heather Ettinger

Heather Ettinger is the author of “Lumination: Shining a Light on A Woman’s Journey to Financial Wellness.” As a champion for women and girls for over 30 years, Heather is widely recognized for her dedication to helping women build their financial acumen and wealth, culminating in the founding of Luma Wealth Advisors in 2017. She specializes in helping clients align their resources around their family values to create impact in their communities — shattering old-school beliefs about women and finances in the process. 

Heather wanted to educate and empower women, arming them with the information and confidence they need to be agents of social change. She learned in this process that the way we were teaching women wasn’t working. They do not learn best by being told what to do, but from anecdotes and stories, and by having a framework to think about what money means to them.

Heather begins teaching women by showing them how much power they have. Women make 80% of the purchasing decisions and control the majority of wealth in this country. She also invites women to reflect on their own money history and the different role models or influences on them. Then she brings them to understand their own health and wellness and what gives or takes energy. She would then have you assess these six areas of life: job purpose, relationships, community, health, spirituality, and play. You would then build your own illumination plan on how to move forward.

Her book, “Lumination: Shining a Light on A Woman’s Journey to Financial Wellness.” is a great way to reframe your thought process around finances and learn how to take ownership of that part of your life.

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