S4E33. Making Education Entertaining with Bob Dusin

Bob Dusin grew up on a wheat and cattle farm in western Kansas and earned a degree in civil engineering from Kansas State University, followed by an MBA from Rockhurst University. In the early part of his career, he worked as a construction project manager (as well as the co-owner of the construction company) where he guided the construction of the world’s tallest concrete building, the 70-story 311 South Wacker Drive in Chicago, Illinois. He has also been the human resource and training director for a national firm.

Leaving the corporate world 15 years ago, Bob started his own business focused on training, coaching, and facilitating leadership workshops for organizations nationwide. In addition to his work in organizational leadership development and coaching, Bob has spoken at numerous expos, seminars, and conventions. He’s also been a professional improviser for over 25 years and is a professional voiceover and video actor.

One mistake people make about improv is thinking that it has to be funny. It usually is – that’s true, but the point is not to be funny; the point is to reveal a truth about the world. Often, the funniest things come from things that are true.

A benefit of improv and humor when it comes to presenting is that people are far more likely to remember how they feel than what you tell them. If you can make someone laugh, they are going to remember that situation, and they are likely to absorb your message that much better.

Another massive benefit of improv that feeds into leadership is the ability to stop overthinking things. In improv, you can’t keep the stage empty. Even if you’re unsure of how funny what you have to say is, the best thing you can do is to just say it and get it out there. Then you (and those around you) can iterate and work off of that idea until you strike something good.

Anyone can give a presentation, but to give one that truly delivers, give your audience something to look forward to. Give them some fun along with your entertainment, and they’re unlikely to forget it.

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