S3E14. Making Marketing More Human with Jürgen Strauss

Is your marketing strategy centered around clicks, funnels, artificial intelligence, and driving traffic to your website? Shouldn’t marketing be more human-centric? Instead of funnels, maybe we can lead people on a journey. That’s what Jürgen Strauss, the founder and chief innovator of InnovaBiz, joins us to discuss. InnovaBiz is a marketing firm helping organizations by building visibility, professional authority, and connecting with their ideal clients. They work to turn your business into a client magnet by building and making the most of your marketing—making your marketing human again.

In this day and age, we have so many tools—automation, artificial intelligence, funnels—that people use to get traffic to a website. But that “traffic” isn’t just a number: it represents real people! And when those people arrive at our website, instead of approaching it as a “funnel,” why can’t we lead them on a journey? There are four main journeys:

  • People want to learn. They may visit your website for information on a topic, but that information may be enough for them to leave and take action.
  • If they don’t get enough from the learning but it does impress them, their next journey is starting a relationship with the business—potentially signing up to stay in contact with them.
  • The next journey is joining a community where the people in the business, as well as the other members of that community, provide information and interaction.
  • The fourth journey is to buy into the products or services that are on offer—but marketing does not cease here, either.

When a person arrives at your website, they will very quickly decide if it has the information that they came for. They will then look at all the factors—color, language, tone, design—to decide if this is a place that they belong in. If you can build your website with the customer experience in mind, you can ensure that it appeals to the right type of people. In the beginning, you may be desperate to make enough revenue to keep the business sustainable and take on whatever client you can, even if they’re the wrong type of customer. But you need to look at bringing on the customers who are a good fit for you.

How do we find our dream client? The best place to start from is to identify your favorite client who you currently work with (if you have one). What clients are so good that you’d probably work for them for free if they couldn’t pay you? Then you need to build up a deep understanding of what drives them, what their pains are, and where they want to be. Then you figure out how to “clone” that client. Use the language on your website that speaks directly to that client and people like them.

It all starts with understanding your audience. Be really clear why you are in business, what you do, and who your dream client is—and then obsess over those. Marketing is about human connection, not a transaction, and your role is to aid in the transformation of those clients and adding value to their lives.


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