S4E17. Bouncing Up Instead of Bouncing Back with Mj Callaway

What is your mindset when life throws you a curveball?

Mj Callaway is a former corporate sales trainer and the only female sales executive to rank number one for a national builder. She knows, firsthand, the disruptions that leaders, managers, and executive teams handle daily and how to remain positive, productive, and profitable through it all. A two-time cancer survivor, she’s known for shifting staff attitudes and converting tactics into results. Her newly released book, “Bounce-Up: Outpower Adversity, Boost Resilience, Rebound Higher,” has been endorsed by the CEO and Founder of The Healthy Workforce Institute, Renee Thompson.

When we experience adversity, there are many paths we can choose to go down. We talk so much about “bouncing back,” but wouldn’t that put us right back where we started, before the setbacks? What if we could “bounce up,” and use everything we learned to put ourselves in an even better position than before?

Part of bouncing up is learning how to handle rejection. Anytime you get a no, you should be evaluating what you could have done differently, or what they wanted that you didn’t bring to the table. Use every rejection as an opportunity to learn and improve. When you do that, you start seeking out rejection to collect your learnings. It’s all about attitude.

When Mj was first diagnosed with cancer, she was given a 20% chance to live if chemo was not effective. The chemo was estimated to have a 50% chance of working. She was faced with a choice: she could whine and cry — and she did some of that — or she could make some changes in her lifestyle. She started calling chemo her “magic wand,” both to take the edge off of discussing it with others and to capture and convey her belief that it would work. And it did.

Mj’s story is inspirational, but you don’t have to experience adversity at the level she has in order to demonstrate the same level of resilience to bounce up.

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