S4E31. My Writing Process for Off Script

Since starting work on my new book, I’ve received a number of questions about the writing process. I don’t have a degree in English, literature, or journalism – yet here I am, about to publish my 3rd business book… with book number four already cooking in my head.

Here are 13 things I’ve learned about writing a book:

  1. If you don’t think you can write a book, you can’t. If you think you can write a book, you can.
  2. You want your book to be between 150-200 pages. That’s around 35-45k words.
  3. Your book raises your expertise, credibility, and authority in whatever you are writing about.
  4. Consider hiring a book coach.
  5. Outline your book.
  6. Create that “shitty first draft.”
  7. Assemble your manuscript and put it in a binder.
  8. If you can’t find a title, ask friends or colleagues who aren’t as close to the project.
  9. Spend a couple of weeks making changes and edits.
  10.  Find a publisher.
  11.  Create an editorial board.
  12.  Create the cover (or have it outsourced).
  13.  Be willing to change the title as you go.

This is an overview of the writing process I’ve used for my last two books. I hope it’s of help to you, and I can’t wait to share Off Script with the world.