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S5E48: Unscripted Give and Take: Using Business Improv to Resolve Disputes and Negotiate Deals (Part 1)

“Emotional resistance to negotiation wastes time and makes working with others hard. Negotiation is a relationship builder and not a war zone.” Peter Margaritis

In today’s episode, Peter Margaritis talks about Unscripted Give-and-Take and how to use Business Improv to resolve disputes and negotiate deals.

Sometimes during negotiations, we must understand that you can negotiate up instead of down. Therefore, be able to negotiate to your best and have a win-win outcome.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, consultant, or employee of an organization, even when you feel that you are not a great negotiator, it’s good to learn the skills for your business and yourself and give credit to your skills and experience. Then, be confident to sell your expertise to the best you can.