S3E28. Kindness is the Key with Allison Clarke

When was the last time you performed a random act of kindness?

Allison Clarke is a certified speaking professional and an expert in leadership and influence. She’s helped thousands around the world break through the barriers to boost profitability, improve productivity, and increase team cohesion. Not your average speaker, Allison consistently challenges both her speakers and herself daily. For over five years, she’s carried out daily acts of kindness with strangers, colleagues, friends, and family. Allison walks her talk.

Ranked a top 25 master trainer in the world of Dale Carnegie Corporation, Allison spent 16 years fostering and witnessing astonishing transformations, the foundations upon which she built Allison Clark consulting. To demonstrate the power of appreciation, Allison began to teach and exemplify intentional acts of daily kindness. Her book “The Kindness Habit” is a resource designed to improve workplace culture, strengthen relationships, soothe stress, and infuse positivity into every office, home, and community.

Allison keeps a list of 100 things that she wants to do while she’s alive—a “live list,” not a bucket list. While checking something off on her list, she realized that the only way to see how someone’s truly lived their life is by going to their funeral. She made the decision to crash 30 funerals in 60 days, reached out to the funeral industry, and just began picking people out of the obituaries and sitting in the back, absorbing what that person’s life meant to others. And at each one, she picked up one action they did that we could all do to live a better life.

We need to practice kindness and gratitude regularly. If you’re having trouble flexing your gratitude muscle, try a “gratitude alphabet” exercise: Try to come up with something you’re grateful for starting with each letter of the alphabet and see how far you can get. Air, business, cat, etc.

What can you do today to be kind to others? I challenge you to do one kind thing to someone in your life every day. When you do, you’ll be surprised at the positive effect it has on your life.

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