S4E3. Accounting Doesn’t Have to Be Confusing with Adam Wilkinson

Have you ever taken an accounting course for non-accountants and left the workshop even more confused? Would you agree that accounting has an image problem? Would you be interested in learning the fundamentals of accounting and finance in a way that does not get bogged down in complexity and focuses on simplicity?

Adam Wilkinson is a sales partner and corporate educator at Colour Accounting. He advocates that accounting should be a standard form of literacy—just like reading, writing, and arithmetic. He is a chartered accountant and professional development trainer who leads unique and engaging workshops in accounting and financial literacy, and he loves helping people understand how simple accounting can be.

It’s incredibly important for everyone, but especially business leaders, to understand accounting—even if you aren’t an accountant. But here’s some good news: If you can understand accounting, you can understand finance. And if you can understand finance, you can better understand your business.

Colour Accounting is the secret sauce of making accounting accessible. Everyone thinks accounting is so full of jargon that’s impossible to follow, but colour accounting gets past that by making accounting visual.

Everyone can learn finance in a way that empowers them instead of confuses them. You don’t have to be an accountant to understand finances, and doing so will only benefit you in your business.

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