S3E26. Building a Community & Audience Through Storytelling with Jordan Kahana

Have you ever thought about being an entrepreneur and your business model is documenting your life with your girlfriend and two dogs—and earning a living? Sounds crazy, maybe even impossible… but it’s not!

Jordan Kahana has, over the last four years, created content traveling the world with his girlfriend and two pups, Zeus and Sedona (AKA the Adventure Squad), producing photo, video, and interactive digital campaigns with both boutique and major corporations.

Jordan had a camera in his hand through much of college, with the goal of being a sports broadcaster. He started to notice a digital shift happening: he was creating satire around what was happening in the sports world, and it was taking off. He started showing it to producers and Sports Nation brought him in to run social media. From there, he bounced around to several different companies, like ESPN, the NFL, and Pepsi.

At the same time, he was making his own content while traveling with his two dogs. He was feeling dissatisfied with his job, and when he saw his hobby could be a full-time job opportunity after putting in four years of dedicated work, he ended up quitting to follow his own path.

Jordan’s next quest is to travel across the country in a campervan named Sunni. This incredibly unique business was made possible through hard work and consistency, and it’s proof that there are more ways to make a living than you could ever imagine.

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