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Welcome to the Change Your Mindset podcast, hosted by Peter Margaritis, CPA, AKA The Accidental Accountant. Peter is a speaker, expert in applied improvisation and author of the book 'Improv Is No Joke, Using Improvization to Create Positive Results in Leadership and Life'. Peter's new book, Taking the Numb Our of Numbers: Explaining & Presenting Financial Information with Confidence and Clarity will be published in June 2018.

S6E11: Help Others Grow First with Lauren Schieffer

“As a leader, you cannot respect others if you do not respect yourself.” Lauren Schieffer

Our guest today is Lauren Schieffer, whose passion is helping organizations that want to build their next generation of leaders. Whether it’s training, keynotes, or longer-term consulting partnerships, she uses her Nine Essentials of Significant Leadership to help transform the way managers think, makes decisions & act toward the people they lead. In her varied career, Lauren has navigated almost every aspect of corporate America – from trucking to achieving top-tier Sales Director status for a global cosmetics firm to managing a non-profit foundation.

Today she is here to speak about her Nine Essentials of Significant Leadership and her perspective on how a leader needs to be accommodative of each person’s differences. Lessons that the pandemic taught us and what we need to know from that.

In leadership, the difference between significance and success is that success is about inward accomplishments that you have done. It’s all about you. Significance is about outward focus, how many lives you touch, and how you change the community. Lauren is focused on growing others first.

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S6E10: Commencement: The Beginning of a New Era in Higher Education with Kate Colbert

“The mistake that people in higher education make is operating from the Eras passed rather than the Era that we currently live in.” Kate Colbert

Our guest today is Kate Colbert, a former higher-education insider, and current world-renowned marketing expert who develops college-and-university brand stories that are meaningful to the prospective student and measurable on the institutional balance sheet. She has overseen brand and enrollment marketing, public relations, and alum relations at two Chicago-area graduate schools. Kate has additional expertise in corporate education, university crisis management, and faculty relations. She is a six-time recipient of CASE District V’s annual awards for excellence in marketing and communications.

Today she is here to speak about her new book: Commencement: The Beginning of a New Era in Higher Education. Higher education’s future and our role in making it happen. She gives her perspective on where we are going and the changes institutions must make to make them more competitive in the changing times.

Kate is keen on giving the best experience to learners and giving them skills not only just for the sake of getting a certificate but enhancing and giving them skills that are not found redundant with the world going into automation and more technology. The idea from her book is getting micro-credentials that give you valuable skills no matter the changes being seen.

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S6E9: Green Light Improv with Nathan Minns

“I realized after failing 6 times that Improv is something that is teachable,” Nathan Minns

Our Guest for today’s episode is Nathan Minns, who uses Improv comedy as a tool to develop confidence in innovation and communication. He is the founder of Green Light Improv.

Nathan takes us on a journey of Improv as it is used in a business setting. The lessons he has garnered throughout the years and his stories make improv seem not so scary. And it isn’t scary at all.

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Bonus content from CYM Podcast episode: Crystalizing your Brilliance with Theresa Rose

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with my friend and colleague Theresa Rose on my Change Your Mindset podcast. Theresa is a brand and business Crystallizer, strategic co-creator, and Certified Speaking Professional. We had a delightful (and sometimes hilarious) conversation about strategic marketing, one of Theresa’s areas of expertise. (She’s also an improv performer, so of course I loved having her on the show! We talked about the power of “Yes And” and how it relates to her work.)

Crystallizing Your Brilliance was the topic, and we had a spirited discussion about the connection between the head and the heart to deliver great results. During the conversation I remarked, “We need a little head in the game, that’s a small portion of it. We need more heart…we need to be kind to each other in ways that go beyond cut-throat. To some degree that old school is still out there but the more collaboration, the more co-creating, the more Crystallizing, the more our businesses will grow and opportunities will grow from that.”

Theresa uses strategic co-creation to deliver her Crystallized models to her clients. As someone who has worked with her, I can attest that she works differently than everybody else out there. She actually draws PICTURES of someone’s expertise based on what hidden gems she discovers in our content. As I said in the podcast, “We remember pictures, we don’t remember words.”

One of Theresa’s gifts is to distill someone’s expertise down to its essence. Just like I recommend to my accounting students to come up with three to five words about why they got into the profession, Theresa adds a layer of context and meaning by putting the perfect image to the words.

Her challenge for those wanting to leverage their personal brands while they conduct their job search, apply for a promotion, or sell their professional services is to ask themselves, “Can I draw my Brilliance on a cocktail napkin?” As she said, “when you can draw it, you can sell it.” She believes that when you can create a visual brand, you have less words, and more insight — More insight into what you REALLY do that makes you shine more than anyone else in the world.

Here’s your thought for the day: What’s on YOUR cocktail napkin?

If you are having trouble figuring it out (most of us do because we can’t fully see our gifts and talents), check out what Theresa does with her Crystallization Process!

S6E7: Crystalizing your Brilliance with Theresa Rose

“We are strategic co-creators; that is the magic of crystallization when someone sees the brilliance in you, writes it down, and shares it with you” Theresa Rose.

Our guest today is Theresa Rose, with 20+ Years of consulting, marketing, and business management experience, drives Theresa’s strategic thinking, creativity, and sound foundational frameworks. Her career has included senior management roles in marketing and product development for a Fortune 100 company and high-growth startups. In addition, as a former Community Builder and Head of Thought Leadership for an executive network, Theresa has seen the challenges of growing a thriving business based on personal intellectual property and how to amplify it for maximum income and impact strategically.

Theresa Rose brings a wealth of wisdom on the power of strategic marketing. A business grows when finding solutions to the world’s problems by finding passion in your own life that motivates you to bring your best.

Each of us can create a memorable picture model of who we are from 3-5 words that we can come up with from so much verbiage that can give us a more transparent and more precise goal of what we want and how we can succeed with this in mind. This gives you a comprehension of the actions you must focus on to achieve your goal.

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